Natural Olive Oil Soap with Pink Clay Evergetikon 130gr

100% natural, high quality, beauty soap with cretan extra virgin olive oil and pink clay. Ideal for sensitive skin. It stimulates the skin circulation , while doing gentle exfoliation and cleansing. The skin is rejuvenated and radiant.
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Evergetikon Greek Natural Cosmetics


Natural Olive Oil Soap with Pink Clay Evergetikon

Natural Olive Oil Soap with Pink Clay Evergetikon is ideal for face and body and suitable for sensitive skin. It is a 100% natural beauty soap without additives and preservatives or synthetic colors.

Pink clay has a soft texture. It stimulates skin microcirculation while it gently cleanses and exfoliates. Dull and tired looking skin acquires radiance.

Natural Olive Oil Soap with Pink Clay Evergetikon has a rich beneficial composition of virgin olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, healing herbs, aloe, calendula and essential oils that fully meet the needs of the skin for deep cleansing and deep cleansing.

The producer

Evergetikon Greek Natural Cosmetics

Evergetikon Greek natural cosmetics are produced in Crete with pure olive oil, the best quality beeswax, Cretan herb extracts and other natural ingredients. Evergeticon Greek natural cosmetics provides a great variety of skin care products for women, men and children.

In 2005, Yiannis Skrafnakis and his wife Anna decided to change their professional orientation and focus exclusively on producing natural cosmetics made with raw, pure and organic ingredients found in Cretan nature or cultivated in Cretan land. Being strong believers in the olive oil’s beneficial properties, they combined it with the best quality beeswax and created an innovative cosmetic line named Evergetikon, which is the Greek word for Beneficial.

Their philosophy is that nature provides us with everything we need to take care of our bodies both internally and externally. This is why they carefully select the best natural ingredients to create their 100% pure Evergetikon cosmetics line. They are located in Skalani, a village not far from Heraklion, next to the archeological site of Knossos Palace.



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