Essential Oil Mint Bioselect 5ml

Essential Oil Mint Bioselect is a 100% natural organic product. Use it dilluted to refresh your breath, to fight nausia or to relax your tired feet.
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Bioselect Organic Cosmetics


Essential Oil Mint Bioselect

Essential Oil Mint Bioselect is a 100% natural organic product.

Mint essential oil is particularly effective in combating nausea and digestive problems. It is used to fight fever while it acts against nasal congestion and has a beneficial effect in cases of anxiety, nerves and headache.

Use it in mouth dillution for fresh breath. Add a few drops of mint essential oil in lukewarm water and enjoy a relaxing foot bath that will soothe the swelling from the sore feet as it will stimulate the microcirculation of the area.


The producer

Bioselect Organic Cosmetics

The Cretan company Bioselect, based in Rethymno, specializes in the production of natural cosmetics of organic origin for the daily natural care of the skin. Utilizing the abundance of the Cretan land in plants and herbs with unique health benefits, Bioselect creates beauty products from pure natural ingredients with respect for nature and the environment.


The trademark of Bioselect and a key ingredient in all its cosmetic lines is Dictamelia, a unique product made from Cretan Dittany and extra virgin olive oil. Dictamelia retains all the beneficial properties of dittany and enhances the action of Bioselect natural cosmetics to the fullest.