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Cretan Gift Set with 7 Cretan Products and Traditional Cretan Knife

A distinctive Cretan gift with treats and gifts. In In a small pouch you will find traditional tsikoudia, aromatic herbs, fine honey, honey pasteli bars, organic raisins and a traditional Cretan knife with an engraved mantinada.
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Cretan Gift Pouch with Cretan Products and Traditional Knife

Representative Cretan gift with special delicacies and a traditional knife. Ideal gift for guests in Crete, for conferences or for friends and associates who love authentic Crete.
Inside the pouch you will find
  • A traditional Cretan tsikoudia Kretaraki in a glass carafe 200ml
  • two aromatic herbal mixtures Iliostasio, a mix for Greek salad and a mix for grilled meat,
  • Miterra My Earth honey with thyme, pine and wild herbs,
  • two Pastelion honey bars, one with honey and almonds and one with honey, chocolate and almonds,
  • a box of organic sultana raisins by Agrimanakis Estates
  • and a traditional Cretan knife (small fruit knife) with a wooden handle and an engraved mantinada.
The decoration in this gift set can be simple and suitable for any season of the year like the one in the photo, but it can also be a festive Christmas decoration if you want to offer the gift during the holidays.

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