Olive Oil with Lemon Miterra (My Earth) Natural Flavors 250ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon Miterra (My Earth) is flavored with dried lemon slices. Use it in your salads, greens, fishes or in pastry. It will definitely take your cooking to another level. It is also great as appetizer with small bruscettas or rusks.
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Minoan Gaia Premium Cretan Products


Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon Miterra (My Earth) Natural Flavors

The extra virgin olive oil Miterra (My Earth) has an authentic, characteristic taste with a unique aroma of fresh olive. Every year from November to December the olives are collected from olive groves in the area of Viannos, in the south of Crete. The new product line of Minoan Gaia combines fresh virgin olive oil with exquisite natural flavors that will enrich every meal you prepare.

Enjoy Miterra My Earth - Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon with seasonal salads and greens, grilled fish and meat, aromatic doughs and cookies. It is an ideal choice for those who want a full-flavored, pure olive oil of high quality and nutritional value.

It is produced by the Cretan company Minoan Gaia, which has a range of special award-winning products. The goal of Minoan Gaia is to bring out the cultural and gastronomic identity of Crete through its products, which are distinguished for their excellent quality and authenticity. Minoan Gaia produces Olive oil, honey and rusks, the most fundamental and healthy products that represent the values ​​of the Cretan diet. Their original elegant packaging is inspired by Minoan civilization.

Extraction method: Cold
Olives variety: Koroneiki

The producer

Minoan Gaia Premium Cretan Products

The Cretan company Minoan Gaia specializes in the production of premium Cretan products such as olive oil, honey and rusks. Founded by the Chalkiadakis brothers, Minoan Gaia was created with the vision of promoting the cultural and gastronomic tradition of Crete, drawing inspiration from the history of Minoan civilization. Through a range of products that stand out for their excellent quality and authenticity, Minoan Gaia presents the values ​​that govern the famous Cretan diet which is based on simplicity and premium quality. Eclectic extra virgin olive oil, pure thyme honey and traditional rusks compose Miterra My Earth product line, with their elegant packaging, inspired by representations of worship events towards Goddess Mitera (Mother) from the Minoan era.
Minoan Gaia sets as a keystone of its philosophy the love for nature and the goods she generously offers.

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