Organic Cistus ILIOSTASIO Cretan Herbs 30gr

Cretan cistus is one of the most powerful herbs of nature with medicinal attributes. It protects the heart, helps the body detox (anti-cancer) and protects from viruses. Enjoy a tea of organic Cretan cistus (aladania) for good health.
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Iliostasio Cretan herbs


Organic Cistus ILIOSTASIO Cretan Herbs

Cretan Cistus is a real natural treasure for your immune system. It is a powerful antioxidant (anti-cancer), antimicrobial, antifugal with tonic and digestive, astringent, analgesic, antispasmodic, sedative properties. It is used to fight insomnia, stomach & intestinal problems, colitis, bronchitis and colds.

Cistus leaves have a very high content of polyphenols (vitamin P) with an amazing ability to destroy free radicals, as well as strong antioxidant activity. It protects the heart and its antioxidant properties are twenty times stronger than these of the fresh lemon juice. Cistus tea is three times healthier than green tea. 

Cistus detoxifies the body and eliminates toxic heavy metals coming from cigarette smoking and environmental pollution (oxidative stress).

It was used extensively in Minoan Crete for its antimicrobial properties and cistus is represented on many Minoan paintings.

Organic Cretan Cistus for Tea (30gr)

The producer

Iliostasio Cretan herbs

Two cousins, Kostas and Yiannis Fragiadakis from Kyparissi Village in Heraklion decided to enter in to herb cultivation in the family farm lands and produce haigh quality traditional cretan herbs of exquisite taste and flavor.

Their herbs are carefully harvested, dried naturally, and packed with no chemical processing in order to preserve their natural aromas and nutritional value.