Ouzo Plomari

Ouzo Plomari has a distinctive taste and a unique aroma as it is made based on a secret recipe 130 years old. Only the best ingredients collected from the island of Lesvos are used for its production.
Alcohol by volume: 40 % vol.
Gross Weight: 1,5 Kg

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Ouzo Plomari

The distinctive taste and aroma of Ouzo Plomari is the result of the unique recipe inherited by Isidoros Arvanitis, who first created Ouzo Plomari. A recipe, which is a shield secret till today. He trusted it as the most valuable fortune to his children and grandchildren and so, from generation to generation, it has reached us to this day. The unique recipe of Ouzo Plomari includes a wide variety of fruits and herbs of Lesvos along with fennel, anise, cinnamon, nutmeg and mastic extract.

The recipe is divided into 2 parts, concerning the 2 distillations. Only one person in the distillery knows each part by memory. One person knows what fruits and herbs are included in the first distillation and the other knows what fruits and herbs are included in the second one. Only thanks to a great recipe, after all, can one make a fine Ouzo.

The recipe of Isidoros Arvanitis has been used for over a century to produce Ouzo Plomari, with the same fruits, the same herbs and in the same proportions that were used in 1894.

46% Alcohol


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