Ouzo Miniatures GoGreek Traditional Costumes Collection Case

Collectible, multi-awarded GoGreek Miniatures inspired by Greek culture & history, portray in a mordern & contemporary way couples with the tradional costumes from all over Greece in 50ml ouzo bottles.
Alcohol by volume: 42 % vol.
Gross Weight: 0,7 Kg

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€110,00 110.00


Ouzo Miniatures GoGreek Traditional Costumes Collection Case

GoGreek's award-winning collection of ouzo miniatures draws inspiration from Greek history, mythology and tradition creating beautiful handmade miniatures that depict heroes, gods and Greek people in traditional costumes from different regions of Greece.

In this case you will find a collection of couples in traditional costumes from all over Greece, painted on 50ml ouzo bottles. They are made in detail and placed in a beautiful gift box. It is an imaginable, beautiful gift to offer to friends or collegues and spread the Greek spirit. 


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