Honey with Tahini Toplou Gourmet 250gr

Honey with Tahini Toplou Gourmet by Savidakis Family in Sitia. Toplou Gourmet honey with tahini combines the distinctive flavor of pure thyme honey with tahini, full of nutrients and unique health benefits.
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Si-Mel Savidakis


Honey with Tahini Toplou Gourmet

The Savidakis family introduces the Honey with Tahini. Toplou Gourmet honey is combined with tahini to provide you with a wealth of nutrients, several health benefits and a unique aroma and taste.

Cretan honey with tahini (sesame pulp) is full of antioxidants, protein, fiber, copper, selenium and phossphorus and has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. Tahini helps improve heart and bone health and is associated with potential cancer fighting properties. 

Honey Toplou with Tahini is ideal for a healthy and energizing breakfast, snack or dessert.



The producer

Si-Mel Savidakis

Si-mel Savidakis is a family company with four generation experience in the production of authentic top quality honey. Their beehives and their estates (vineyards and olive groves) are located in an area designated as Natura in Sitia, Crete. With sensitivity and responsibility for healthy diet and with rich experience and expertise, they have managed to offer superior quality Cretan products that can satisfy even the most demanding consumer. In particular, the different varieties of Si-mel honey have won many Great Taste awards. The new goal of Si-mel Savidakis family is to launch their new products tsikoudia, rakomelo, ouzo and olive oil.


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