Anemelon Cretan Thyme & Pine Honey 950gr 950gr

Thyme, herbs and coniferous tree Honey Anemelon 950gr. Superior quality, delicious honey.
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Anemelon Cretan Thyme & Pine Honey 950gr

Cretan pure honey that contains herbs of the island as it is cultivated from pine and thyme. Raw, viscous with intenses and special aroma, extraordinary taste and caramelized texture.

Anemelon was founded in 2013 by beekeeper Fanouris Leontarakis. Fanouris succesfully continues his family’s reputation in honey production. He created a high quality pine and thyme Cretan honey and he has been popular to all of these who are looking for a raw and pure taste.

Cretan pine and thyme honey has a strong authentic flavor, with rich thyme aromas, famous ever since the Minoan era. Its uniqueness is attributed to the region’s ecosystem, which harbours the coexistence of pine and thyme. It is a premium honey with antibacterial properties, traditionally used for healing respiratory problems, while also providing a natural energy boost.