Kiam·ída Organic Rakomelo (Cretan Raki with Honey) 500ml

Traditional organic liqueur Kiam·ída Rakomelo is the product of Cretan Raki with honey. This beloved local liqueur is one Cretans enjoy warm during the winter! The phrase Kiam-ída in the Cretan dialect means "So what?"
Alcohol by volume: 23 % vol.
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Kiam·ída Organic Rakomelo (Cretan Raki with Honey)

Kiam·ída [Κιαμ' ήντα]: Cretan dialect phrase, meaning “So what?”

The traditional Cretan liqueur of raki with honey, Rakomelo is the most cherished custom of all Cretans during the cold winters of mountainous Crete. A few shots of warm Kiam·ída rakomelo with your family and friends will undoubtedly warm both your bodies and your spirit!

To create the organic Kiam·ída rakomelo liqueur, tsikoudia is most harmoniously paired with the rich golden thyme honey of the Cretan mountains, along with notes of spices such as cinnamon and cloves, to produce a drink of exceptional quality.


23% vol. Alcohol. 


Notice on international alcohol orders: For shipments to the USA, Canada, and countries with strict imported alcohol laws, maximum quantity for orders of Kiam·ída Rakomelo - Cretan Raki with Honey Traditional Liqeur is two bottles (2).


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