ethos of Crete - Organic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil glass bottle - 500ml

Certified organic extra virgin olive oil of exceptional nutritional value, with very low acidity, a balanced taste, and an aromatic profile of citrus flowers, herbs, grass, and olive leaves. A full experience of flavor with fruitiness, balanced spiciness, and a slightly bitter aftertaste, it is the quintessence of our ancestral heritage on the island of Crete!
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Si-Mel Savidakis


ethos of Crete - Organic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


• 100% Koroneiki Olives  • Harvest: Early November • Cold Extraction • Medium Fruitiness • Balanced Spiciness • Slightly Bitter Aftertaste • Certified Organic 


Award-winning certifed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of exceptional nutritional value in the Cretan and Mediterranean Diet. The distinct regional features of the family-owned ethoς of Crete olive groves at the foothills of the Asterousia mountains at an altitude of ~200 meters, as highlighted by the unique aromatic blend of ethoς of Crete Organic, result in a full experience of flavor with balanced spiciness, fruitiness and a slightly bitter aftertaste. With a sensation of fresh grass and olive leaves, this purest olive fruit juice sparks a “petite mort” in the palate.

ἔ.thoς [é.tʰos (noun)]: a Greek word meaning a custom or a habit, reflecting our everlasting aspiration to connect with the past, revive the bonds with our tradition and honor the legacy inherited from our ancestors


From the cultivation of the family olive groves to the olive oil extraction and preservation, the ethoς of Crete - Organic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified with all the certifications required in organic farming. It is the fruit of the ancient Cretan heritage and six generations of family tradition, with additional refinement via modern sustainable farming methods and technology. The organic extra virgin olive oil produced has a very low acidity and is classified as early harvest due to the olive oil production that starts when the olive trees have fruit that is green.

Highly complex aromas of freshly-cut grass, olive tree leaves, tomato and fig, citrus flowers and notes of herbs give a unique organoleptic profile, with balanced spiciness, fruitiness and slightly bitter aftertaste, resulting in a singular olive oil tasting experience. With its superior quality and exceptional nutritional value, ethoς of Crete - Organic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a staple of the Mediterranean Diet, ideally enjoyed in a Cretan or Greek Salad. It is also perfectly paired with hot and cold soups, as well as fish and meat fillets.


Ethos Premium Organic Olive Oil is an EVOO that has all the certifications required for organic farming. Combined with the microclimate of Messara valley ,this gives an excellent aromatic profile of citrus flowers, herbs, grass and olive leaves to the final product. It is perfectly paired with a lot of dishes, but ideally with hot and cold salads, soups, fish fillets and marinated meat.’ - Odysseas Vlachavas, olive oil expert

The producer

Si-Mel Savidakis

Si-mel Savidakis is a family company with four generation experience in the production of authentic top quality honey. Their beehives and their estates (vineyards and olive groves) are located in an area designated as Natura in Sitia, Crete. With sensitivity and responsibility for healthy diet and with rich experience and expertise, they have managed to offer superior quality Cretan products that can satisfy even the most demanding consumer. In particular, the different varieties of Si-mel honey have won many Great Taste awards. The new goal of Si-mel Savidakis family is to launch their new products tsikoudia, rakomelo, ouzo and olive oil.


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