Organic Honey from Thyme, Pine & Cretan Herbs 1000g | Creterium glass jar with wooden lid | 1000g

With a wonderful taste, a characteristic lingering aftertaste and intense amber color, the Organic Honey from Thyme, Pine & Cretan Herbs from the Creterium apiary has all the flavors of the island of Crete in a sweet spoonful!
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Creterium | Bees Cult


Organic Honey from Thyme, Pine & Cretan Herbs 1000g | Creterium

All the flavors of the island of Crete in one spoonful of Organic Honey from Thyme, Pine & Cretan Herbs! With a high pollen content from local thyme, pine, heather and carob trees.

An exquisite organic honey with an endless palette of flavors, intense amber color with moderate clarity, this bee product has aromas of flowers, wood and resin with tones of fruit and wax, and a lovely sweet taste with characteristic lingering aftertaste.

Organic Honey from Thyme, Pine & Cretan Herbs by family beekeepers Creterium is the last honey collected every year from August to October exclusively in the four large pine forests of the island.



Available in glass jars of modern design with a luxurious wooden lid. On the glass you will notice a sketch by a local artist showing the traditional pastimes of the Cretan countryside in the summer and early autumn.

The producer

Creterium | Bees Cult

From the producer:

"Our story begins around 1950, in a small village of Crete, the heroic Damasta. The village had begun to be rebuilt and grandfather Grigoris Marousis was looking for ways to support his nine-member family."

"Hunting, sheep, orchards, bees. Love and respect for this precious insect developed within the family. In the years that followed, all 7 children of the grandfather will deal with the bee."

"In romantic and innocent times, nomads in Zakros, Sfakia, Koudoumas, all over Crete. Sleeping under the pines and the morning bees. A different life, a different world."



With 70 years of experience in family beekeeping and, above all, with the generosity of the blessed land of Crete, the small bussiness of Creterium brings to your table pure organic products with honey of excellent quality, containing the taste and traditions of another era.

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