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Cretan Knives

Cretan Knives

Traditional Cretan knives have always been a big part of the Cretan culture and they are special souvenirs to take back home with you.

The Cretan knife, inseparable companion of every Cretan in the old times, accompanied the Cretans wherever they went, either as travelers or as immigrants, but also as soldiers. Cretan knives have a great sentimental value as they are considered symbols of Cretan gallantry and represent the spirit of Crete's resistance against any conqueror.

All Cretan knives are hand made with stainless steal blade and there is a selection of handles to choose from, such as olive wood or tortoise shell. A mantinada of your choice is engraved on the blade, which usually expresses the feelings of the one giving the gift. Offering a Cretan knife is considered to be a symbol of everlasting friendship.

Perfect personalised gift for your loved ones.