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Cretan Raki & Honey - Rakomelo

Cretan Raki & Honey - Rakomelo

Rakomelo, raki with honey, is a favorite drink among Cretans and is made by combining pure Cretan raki -Tsikoudia (Greek raki) with Cretan thyme honey, cloves and cinnamon sticks. Rakomelo has a great sweet and full of spices taste and is widely enjoyed as an aperitif.

Rakomelo, is usually enjoyed in the evenings, especially during winter, as it is an old remedy for soothing cold and flu symptoms. During the summer time it can be enjoyed on the rocks as a sweeter version of the traditional Cretan raki tsikoudia.

Lately, some visionary distillers have introduced along with Rakomelo some innovative versions of Greek Raki enriched with the exquisite flavours of fruits or nuts.