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Welcome to our Greek online shop myCretangoods.com with authentic natural and traditional Cretan products. The best place to find and taste Crete's treasures. All of our products have been carefully selected with high standards and the best quality criteria in mind. Discover them amongst a big range of traditional delicacies, natural cosmetics and gift boxes filled with Cretan goods. 

The name of the e-shop "myCretangoods" indicates not only my personal choices regarding the featured Cretan products but also the personal choices of each visitor/client who will select and purchase his/her favourite Cretan goods. Our aim is that every customer, when he/she receives the parcel with the Cretan goods, to be excited and say "Oh! My Cretan Goods!". My expectation is that the initial enthusiasm and excitement to be followed by pleasure derived from the quality and authenticity of the products. My name is Clio Souranaki and I welcome you to mycretangoods.com. 

A few reasons to buy from myCretangoods.com

-  We offer the best collection of authentic Cretan products

-  We are native Cretans and know first- hand our land's quality producers

-  We sell products that we first use in our home

-  Dedicated to provide you the best price/quality ratio

-  Secure and easy to use online shopping

-  Safe payments (credit card, paypal)

-  Reliable & convenient delivery to your doorstep

We are proud to have already shipped to 47 countries and can't wait to bring Crete closer to you too.

Feel free to contact me at info@mycretangoods.com if you have any queries. 

Best regards

Clio Souranaki