Cretan traditional goods,
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Traditional Cretan Jewellery

Gold-plated and elaborate Cretan Jewellery that can be worn with traditional customs or on casual or more formal occassions with the suitable clothing. They give shine, elegance and grace to every appearance.

Jewellery is not only used to adorn, it is also a significant emblem of cultural heritage and identity.

Traditional handmade Cretan Jewellery narrates and imprints the long-lasting history and tradition of Crete through its elaborate designs, precious materials and sophisticated technological knowledge that goes back to the Minoan Era. From the figures depicted on the minoan frescos to the traditional Cretan customs of the earlier years, jewels are dominant, giving luxury, beauty and shine while revealing the great significance that they always had in the Cretan tradition and every day life.

Cretan Jewellery is an integral part of the traditional custom that the Cretan women used to wear on formal occassions and events in order to give luxury, elegance and nobility to their appearance. These jewels carry to date these features of the past that, without doubt, captured the attention by giving prestige and charm to the female figure.


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