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Eye cream with olive oil Evergetikon 30ml

The eye cream with myrtle extract, Evergetikon, has anti-aging properties, provides strong antioxidant protection and improves microcirculation.
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Evergetikon (Beneficial) Cosmetics


Evergetikon eye cream 

The eye cream with myrtle extract "Evergetikon" has anti-aging properties, it provides strong antioxidant protection, whitens skin and improves microcirculation. The essential oil of chamomile soothes the dark circles. The myrtle extract has strong anti-wrinkle properties, influencing the lifetime of cells.

Apply (suggested on wet skin) a small amount gently to clean skin around the eyes.


My tip:

I first used the face cream Evergetikon 3 years ago. At first I was really skeptical, as it wasn't a well known brand.

I have a sensitive skin that is usually dehydrated and looks dry. This cream was perfect for me. I use it daily, after I clean my face and springle some thermal water.

I tried more Evergetikon products, always on a slightly wet skin.The eye cream and hand and body cream were also amazing. The lip cream is ideal for chapped lips. I loved the aroma of the body scrub and adored how soft my skin was afterwards.

This Autumn I also tried the face scrub with grains of apricot  core. A lovely scrub sensation. But because it is a bit oily you should rinse your face well after use.

I would like to point out that Evergetikon creams don't have the look and texture of normal creams. Due to the fact that the main ingredients are the extra virgin olive oil, and apolepidi ( Cretan beeswax) they are thick and oily. Only a small amount of the cream is enough to treat your skin, while after a while the oily texture disappears leaving the skin hydrated and elastic. 


The producer

Evergetikon (Beneficial) Cosmetics

Evergetikon Cretan all natural cosmetics are produced with pure olive oil, the highest quality beeswax, Cretan herb extracts and other natural ingredients. Evergeticon natural cosmetics provides a great variety of products for women, men and children.

In 2005, Yiannis Skrafnakis and his wife Anna decided to change their professional orientation and focus exclusively on creating 100% natural cosmetics from pure raw materials from Cretan nature and land.

Being strong believers in olive oil’s beneficial properties to the face and skin, they combined it with high quality beeswax and created an innovative cosmetic line named «Evergetikon», which is the Greek word for «Beneficial». They believe that, it is nature that generously gives us beneficial products and ingredients. Their production lab is located in Skalani village outside Heraklion, next to the archeological site of Knossos Palace.

Their business philosophy dictates the use of carefully selected pure and natural ingredients to produce 100% fine, natural cosmetics which will offer total user satisfaction.


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