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The Cretan - Wooden Decorative

The Cretan. A decorative wooden souvenir in the shape of a cute traditional Cretan man holding a lyra.
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The Cretan

A decorative wooden souvenir in the shape of a cute Cretan man holding a lyra.

Our Cretan is traditional. He wears Cretan trousers with a knife around his waist and holds a lyra and bow. He certainly bears a moustache and the traditional scarf round his head.

A decorative wooden souvenir suitable for a present at weddings, christenings and celebrations or for the decoration of presents bearing the Cretan characteristics.

If you wish our Cretan as a child’s gift, it is a brilliant idea to get all the kids to draw him. Give them marker pens or crayons and let them use their imagination, creating their own Cretan.

Our Cretan is cut with a laser on a thin wooden leaf,  3 mm. thickness, 15 cm. height and 8 cm. width.



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