Greek Baklava by Aretousa Cretan Handmade Delicacies 200gr

Greek Baklava rolls, the traditional syrup drenched Greek dessert, made by Aretousa Cretan Handmade Delicacies.
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Aretousa Cretan Handmade Delicacies


Greek Baklava by Aretousa Cretan Handmade Delicacies

Handmade Baklava rolls from crispy paper thin phyllo dough sheets, filled with chopped almonds, orange zest and fresh orange juice. Drenched with cinnamon and carnation aromatized syrup.

Aretousa is a traditional pastry and sweet shop in Sitia, Crete famous for handmade Cretan delicacies.

The traditional Baklava from Sitia are packed in beautiful gift box (each box contains 6 baklava rolls on a paper tray), sealed to ensure freshness and taste. 

Each Baklava roll weighs 43 gr.

The producer

Aretousa Cretan Handmade Delicacies

It all started in 1998 in a small workshop in Sitia, Crete. There, Garefalakis family respectfully tried to revive local pastry recipes whose origins are lost in the centuries. Thus they created with care and passion traditional handmade delicacies using exclusively natural raw materials of the Cretan land. Olive oil, almonds, honey, raisins and orange were harmoniously combined and created the Cretan Handmade Delicacies "Aretousa".