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Organic Cretan Grape Syrup (Petimezi) Agrimanakis 250ml

Organic Cretan Grape Syrup from soultana grapes that are cultivated in the Agrimanakis estates. Flavorous, traditionally produced and rich in nutrients, this grape syrup is a healthy Greek superfood
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Organic Cretan Grape Syrup (Petimezi) Agrimanakis

Agrimanakis family focused on the traditional memories of pure Greek food, healthy and beneficial, produces unique products, following organic cultivation methods in their estates located in Tefeli-Heraklion. Their aim is to keep alive the knowledge that is inherited by previous generations about the cultivation and the production of local goods with high nutritional value and a long-lasting tradition in the Cretan diet.The organic products of Agrimanakis family (grape syrup, grape leaves, raisins, balsamic vinegar) have gained the Great Taste Award 2018.

Exploiting the treasures of the Cretan land, the Agrimanakis family produces this Organic Grape Syrup (petimezi) following certified methods to preserve the nutrients of this natural elixir. Rich in vitamins A, B and C, minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium, grape syrup (petimezi) can be used in many ways in the daily diet. It is a great source of iron, helping to fight anemia, and it has soothing properties in sore throat.

Enjoy it plain for immediate energy intake, in cooking as a dressing, blended with vinegar or balsamic sauce, in pastry and bakery as a sweetener or in beverages and yogurts.

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