Kalamata Olives in jar- Ellie Jar 370gr

Selected fresh Kalamata olives Ellie, full-flavored and without any perservatives. In a 370gr jar.
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Ellie Cretan Products


Kalamata Olives in jar- Ellie

Selected fresh Kalamata olives Ellie with rich taste and without any preservatives. The jar contains Kalamata olives in water with a little salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Kalamata Olives in a 370gr jar.

After opening the jar, keep the olives in the refrigerator.

Net weight 190gr


The producer

Ellie Cretan Products

Ellie company was founded in 2002 introducing a range of fine traditional products selected for their quality. They select agricultural - traditional products from Crete and other parts of Greece, which are processed and standardized with great responsibility in order to offer the customer a remarkable product. The product range of the company consists mainly of aromatic herbs, spices, delicious selected olives and traditional sweet delights.

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