Mastiha Liqueur - Kosteas Distillery 500ml

Liquer Mastiha from the Kostea family in Kalamata is a sweet liqueur with the aroma of Chios mastic, creating a refreshing and light liqueur that is worth enjoying chilled as a digestif after a meal
Alcohol by volume: 17 % vol.
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Mastiha Liqueur - Kosteas Distillery

Kostea Family's Mastiha Liqueur from Kalamata is a sweet drink with the aroma of Chios mastic that creates a refreshing and light liqueur. It is enjoyed chilled after a meal as a digestif or as an ingredient in cocktails.

Α trully Meditarrenean spirit! 

 Alc.: 17% vol.

Kosteas Distillery (est. 1962)