Melodi Cretan Thyme Honey Stathakis Family 400gr

Cretan thyme honey MELODI by Stathakis family from Chania, 100% pure, with a unique aroma, rich in vitamins, amino acids and nutritious ingredients.
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Melodi Cretan Thyme Honey Stathakis Family

Exceptional quality thyme honey from the broader region of Kissamos. This is genuine Cretan honey—100% pure, unprocessed, boasting a robust and unique aroma. It offers a singular taste and texture, packed with vitamins, amino acids, and nourishing components. Thyme honey, with its delightful flavor, is a true standout.
Cretan Thyme honey stands as a completely natural product, unparalleled globally due to the distinctiveness of the regions where it originates, areas rich in endemic flora. The sea surrounding the island imparts a special flavor and a unique aroma to the thyme honey, distinguishing it in the preferences of consumers. Essentially, it's the rare biodiversity of Crete, coupled with the aroma and distinct taste, that characterizes Cretan thyme honey, positioning it as the foremost in quality worldwide. Stathakis Family bees have been thriving in the Kissamos region since mid-May, particularly in the locales of Gramvousa Cape, Elafonissi, and Ancient Phalasarna, where thyme flourishes. Their primary focus is ensuring the high quality of the honey, given that these locations yield honey of exceptional quality and flavor.