Madara Cretan Sea Salt with Fennel 70gr

The Madara Cretan sea salt blossom with fennel is enriched with aromatic fennel, fennel seeds, and black pepper. An ideal choice to elevate your salads and impart a unique flavor to your seafood dishes.
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Madara Cretan Sea Salt with Fennel

Add this delightful salt blend to your kitchen and bring out the flavors of Cretan cuisine in every meal.

The Cretan sea salt with fennel by Madara is enriched with aromatic, dried, and finely chopped fennel, fennel seeds, and black pepper. This exquisite blend is the perfect choice to elevate the flavors of your salads and imbue a unique taste into your seafood dishes. Incorporate this wonderful salt mixture into your kitchen, and you will uncover the essence of Cretan gastronomy in every meal.

The distinct aroma and taste of fennel, combined with the earthy complexity of fennel seeds and the gentle warmth of black pepper, make this salt blend a delightful addition to your culinary repertoire. Its versatility allows you to enhance a wide range of dishes, from salads that burst with freshness to seafood creations that are enriched with Mediterranean character. Experience the culinary traditions of Crete with each savory bite.


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