"Smells Melomakarona" Christmas Corporate Gift Pouch

A Christmas Corporate Gift in a velvet pouch with the scent of melomakarono. Includes melomakarona, rooibos tea with caramel cream, and a scent candle with the fragrance of melomakarono.
Gross Weight: 2,8 Kg
Minimum order quantity: 20

Availability: In stock

€38,30 38.30


"Smells Melomakarona" Christmas Corporate Gift Pouch

A Christmas Gift Pouch that contains:

  • Glazed with White Chocolate Greek Honey Cookies Biscotti Tsoungari 480g
  • Rooibos Aromatic Tea Cream Caramel Akalli
  • Candle Scent Melomakarono
  • Wooden Christmas Ornament Star - Place your Company's Logo

Please contact us at info@mycretangoods.com to better tailor the gift to the needs of your company, as well as for more information and Christmas Corporate Gifts options!

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