New Year's Lucky Charm Boat Black Plexiglass

Α New Year's Lucky Charm Boat with Evil Eye for 2024 in Black Plexiglass, ideal gift for friends, family and business partners.
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New Year's Lucky Charm Boat Black Plexiglass

The Greek Boat with Evil Eye is a New Year's Lucky Charm for 2024, created using premium lasercut plexiglass, that will let you add a nautical touch of Greece to your home!

In Greek culture, the boat symbolizes our journey through life, joy and exploration. But it is also deeply connected to our traditions and the maritime history of our country. As an old Christmas tradition - still the custom for the feast day of St. Nicholas, protector of captains and sailors - Greek children build wooden boats and decorate them instead of a Christmas tree.

A Greek Evil Eye charm is believed to bring luck and provide protection against evil forces and the malevolent gaze of those who wish harm upon you. As one of the oldest symbols in the world, the belief in the Evil Eye dates back to ancient times and has symbolism in almost every country and culture in the world, even today. Wearing jewelry with the evil eye or displaying it as decoration, will keep negativity and harm away, and bring good energy and luck to your home.

A perfect gift for Christmas to wish your loved ones a Happy New Year and good luck for 2024!


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