Handmade Christmas Greek Boat Charm "Blue with Stars"

A New Year's Lucky Charm, ‘tο kaikaki’ Handmade Greek Boat will let you add a touch of Greece to your home or this year’s Christmas tree!
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Handmade Christmas Greek Boat Charm "Blue with Stars"

Christmas trees may be wonderfully festive, but in Greece, the land of clear skies and deep blue seas, we traditionally decorate wooden Greek boats with bright lights, ornaments, and lucky charms to celebrate Christmas.

‘tο kaikaki’ Handmade origami boat that will let you add a sweet touch of Greece to your home as a decorative item or hanging on this year’s Christmas tree!

• Αγάπη [aˈɣa.pi]: Love • Πίστη [ˈpi.sti]: Faith • Τύχη [ˈti.çi]: Luck • Ελπίδα [elˈpi.ða]: Hope •

As a New Year's Charm engraved with the Greek words for love, faith, luck, and hope, and containing a festive  bell - symbol of happiness and prosperity -, it is the perfect gift for Christmas to wish your loved ones a Happy New Year for 2024!

Decorative origami Greek Boat lucky charm, 13cm charmingly arranged in a Christmas Gift Box.

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