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Basil Syrup by Dinapoja 250ml

A gentle, scented-made syrup from basil and lemon. It can be the perfect base for summer aperitif. Fits nicely with salad dressings, marinades, tomato sauces.
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A gentle, scented-made syrup from basil and lemon. It can be the perfect base for your summer aperitif. Basil syrup fits nicely with salad dressings, marinades, tomato sauces and goat cheese.

Basil boosts your organism and benefits digestion, improves memory, is a stress reducer and effective for insomnia and depression.

Syrup has been used since the very old times in medicine as a mean to transfer the salutary nutrition of vegetables and herbs. The specific syrup is composed of concentrated essence and aroma based upon a sweet flavor. Sometimes fruity, sometimes floral, sometimes sharp tasting.

Syrups are used diluted 1:5 to 1:8 as beverages with water or soda or mineral water, in lemonades, during the winter with hot water or with the tea, with Champaign or white wine, in Cocktails. No undiluted (as it is), cooking sweet and sour (glaze roast or vegetables, in salads), color and essence in whipped cream and yogurt, in deserts, fruit salads, ice creams, as medicine: Local medicine accredits in many flowers and blossoms curative attributes. Plantain can be very helpful in cough, mint is digestive and also reduces the symptoms of common cold, Hibiscus is consumed to increase the tinkle, helps the metabolism and is also used for the relief from heat.

The producer


Dinapoja cottage industry started as a hobby. Friends and neighbors offered the fruits from their gardens. Myrtles are growing on their gullies and the local mountains generously provide a big selection of aromatic herbs. This variety of materials offered, was for processing and the ambition was rapidly born to prepare products that do no exist in the market.


Dinapoja syryp based natural refeshment

Add 1 part of your favorite syryp
And 5 parts cold water (natural or carbonated)

Stir well and serve on ice.