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Organic Farming Cretan Soultana Raisins 200gr

Soultana Raisins, the Greek superfood. Excellent product of organic farming. Τraditional Cretan Soultana raisins Ampelodimiourgies.
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Τraditional Cretan Soultana Raisins "Ampelodimiourgies". An excellent pure product of organic farming packed in a carton box.

Keep it in a cool and dry place.

No need for refrigerate after opening.


The producer


Organic Cretan Sultanas Raisins "Ampelodimiourgies". Giannis Skoulas is the producer of these eclectic raisins.

The company is certified by BIO Hellas for its organic / natural products.




My Tip

I like eating raisins as a daily snack and energy booster. As a matter of fact, I always have a small bag of Cretan sultana raisins and almonds in my bag.

Raisins are an important part of the Cretan Mediterranean diet. I have always preferred small sultana raisins and especially the blond soft ones. A few years ago, I had difficulty in finding good quality raisins in the market. However, over the last couple of years, I  have noticed an excellent effort by small quality producers around Crete.

When I first tasted organic sultana raisins by «Ambelodimiourgies» ( Vineyard Creations in English), I was thrilled by the authentic taste, the slightly blond color and rich aroma and the sun dried softness.

I fully recommend this quality organic farming product.

Add them to your morning cereal, yogurt, cakes and other desserts.


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