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Traditional Crete Gift Set

A unique combination of traditional Cretan products including the hand knitted traditional Sariki, authentic tsikoudia raki and local biscuits. Perfect gift set for those who love Crete.
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Traditional Crete Gift Set

Through this gift set, our aim is to showcase the true Cretan culture, tradition and local aromas to every Cretan or Cretan lover no matter how far they are from our beloved island. 

Enjoy these traditional Cretan products in 5 easy steps. Wear proudly, as Cretans, the sariki around your head or simply lay it on your shoulders, put raki in your glasses, eat a biscuit to your palate's pleasing, drink your raki slowly and enjoy every sip. Yammas! Cheers!

The Traditional Crete gift set includes:

  • a genuine hand knitted Cretan sariki in black or white color,
  • pure Cretan raki-tsikoudia "Kretaraki" in a 200ml bottle,
  • one box of the traditional olive oil and sesame seed biscuits by Dear Crete, made with pure ingredients and the world famous Sitian extra virgin olive oil.
  • one box of traditional mandarin cookies by Dear Crete made with local mandarins and extra virgin olive oil from Sitia.
  • an elegant gift box in which we place the above products,
  • a wooden decorative in Crete's shape to add that special finishing touch on the exterior of the gift box.

Please specify the color of the sariki when placing your order.

A piece of advice: Drink and enjoy your raki in a responsible manner. Never drink and drive.


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