GRIFOS Red Dry Natural Organic Wine by SILVA Daskalakis Winery 750ml

Natural organic red dry wine GRIFOS made from the variety Liatiko, by SILVA Daskalakis Winery. Produced according to the ancient method of vinification, in large ceramic pots. Grifos has intense aromas of dried fruits and flowers, cocoa and riped peach.
Alcohol by volume: 15 % vol.
Gross Weight: 2 Kg

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SILVA Daskalakis Winery


GRIFOS Red Dry Natural Organic Wine by SILVA Daskalakis Winery

GRIFOS Red Dry Natural Organic Wine by SILVA Daskalakis Winery is made from the variety Liatiko. Grifos was vinificated according to the ancient Minoan method of vinification, using large traditional ceramic pots. This natural wine was fermented with native yeasts and remained with the grape marc in the 300 litres pots for 30 days. After that, the wine was transferred into oak barrels, where it remained for 4 months. Grifos was bottled without filtering. Stoppers of 100% plant origin were used.

Grifos Red Natural Organic Wine has a light ruby color adorned with brown reflections and a slight cloudiness, due to the method of fermentation followed. Wonderful aromas of dried fruits and flowers, thrumbi, cocoa, wild plum marmalade and ripe peach are predominant. The low acidity of the grape variety Liatiko and the alcohol content of the wine conduce to an intense sweetness. Due to the Liatiko variety character, this wine has a enjoyable long pepper aftertaste, which is enhanced by a few robust tannins.

Silva Daskalakis winery decided to produce a natural wine by following the traditional Minoan method of vinification. In 2017 Grifos was vinificated and bottled for the first time in a limited amount, about 1000 bottles of white, red and rose wine. For those who haven't taste a traditional natural wine of ancient vinification, Grifos is a unique experience.

Grifos Red Organic Wine is a great accompaniment to rich red roasted meat and exquisite game. Enjoy it at 15 °C.

Without sulfites or any other chemical perservatives. An ideal choice for a vegan diet.

The producer

SILVA Daskalakis Winery

For Daskalakis’ family, the tradition in viticulture and wine production started in 1920. Nowadays, the winery has passed into the hands of the people of the third generation.

Since 2003, they have started a substantial revitalization of the 80 privately owned decares, using integrated organic farming to cultivate the land in limy-clayey soils and in an altitude of 400-600 meters. In an ideal ecosystem that can highlight the richness and the distinctiveness of the Cretan wines in a qualitative way, the family primarily focuses on local varieties, such as Liatiko, Mandilari, Plyto etc, but also on international wine varieties. Moreover, since 2003, the winery has been equipped with machinery in the production and bottling area.

The first official bottling in Daskalakis’ Winery took place in 2005 with the “Liatiko” Dry Wine PDO (Product of Designated Origin) and “Liastos” Naturally Sweet Wine OPAP– (Product of Appellation of Superior Quality). A couple of years later, in 2008, the winery was awarded the “Grand Gold” Medal for Enstikto Red, year 2006 (Varieties of grapes: Syrah-Kotsifali). The fact that they managed to obtain the highest accolade in an International Wine Competition made the whole family feel particularly pleased and proud.

The quantities produced are small, as the aim is to produce high quality products with the hope that they will gain your preference.

Silva Daskalaki Winery is located in Siva, a small village in the Regional Unit of Heraklion, on the 17th km of the National Road Heraklion-Moires.

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