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Pasteleion SuperBar 4 bars+1 free

Nutritious Superbar Pasteleion made from 100% natural raw ingredients. An excellent combination of flavor and nutritional value without sugar or perservatives. The best choice of a healthy meal any hour of the day.
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Pasteleion Healthy Meals


Pasteleion SuperBar 4 bars+1 free

A nutritious energy bar, the famous Greek Pasteli, in its best version. Made from 100% natural raw ingredients, Pasteleion SuperBar is an excellent combination of flavor and nutritional value without any sugar or perservatives added. A natural source of protein and iron, it is the best choice of a healthy meal any hour of the day.

Superbar Pasteleion is produced from raw natural ingredients that haven't undergone any processing in order to maintain all their nutrients unspoilt. Maca root of Peru, cranberries, hemp protein, sunflower seeds, dates, carob, raw thyme honey, dried fruits, fresh almonds and dark chocolate are combined in this energy bar with the delicious taste without any sugar or perservatives added.

Pasteleion bars are produced from greek natural ingredients of organic cultivation. They are not baked  in order to maintain their nutrients unspoiled resulting in a delicious energy bomb. It is a nutritious meal without sugar, perservatives or flavor enhancements. Its flavour is rich and authentic as well as its aroma which reveals their ultimately natural composition and nutritional value. Enjoy it any hour during the day and get a healthy energy boost.

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower seeds, Raw Honey, Almonds, Cranberries, Dates, Carob syrup, Hemp protein, Sesame, Maca, Dark chocolate (100% cocoa), Raisins, Figs


The producer

Pasteleion Healthy Meals

Pasteleion based in Chania is a company of high nutritional value food products. It is based on the philosophy of products with the best possible quality, preserving the rich nutrients of raw ingredients during processing. The main ingredient of Pasteleion pastels is the unheated exceptional quality honey (thyme and flowers), almonds, dried fruits and sesame. It is the only pastel made with raw honey, and that makes it soft and extremely nutritious. It is made with pure raw ingredients without preservatives or other chemical additives that results in a natural, healthy energy bar rich in vitamins, minerals and plant proteins.

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