Majuni Spirit of Greek Herbs 700ml

Enigmatic and unique like no other, this mysterious elixir with the signature bittersweet flavor is made using more than 15 different herbs, spices, roots and flowers of Greece. With its secret recipe, the this Majuni Original Greek Botanical Spirit is an authentic herb liqueur with a complex character, balanced flavors and a vibrant amber color.
Alcohol by volume: 22 % vol.
Gross Weight: 1,8 Kg

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Mantis Greek Spirits Collection


Majuni Spirit of Greek Herbs

Majuni. An apocryphal formula with roots lost in time has stealthily found its way into the hands of a determined distiller, passed down by word of mouth. It is the recipe for an elixir that balances with mastery between the elegance of an aperitivo and the dynamism of an authentic digestivo, making every moment magical... out of the blue. 

Enigmatic and unique like no other, this mysterious elixir with the signature bittersweet flavor is made using more than 15 different herbs, spices, roots and flowers from across the country of Greece. After careful distillation, extraction and maturing, the potent botanicals give this authentic Greek spirit a complex character, with divergent yet balanced flavors and a vibrant amber color. The spices dominate the nose. Thyme and ginger are accompanied by botanical notes of sage and citrus fruits. Enigmatic and unique, angelica root and licorice join in, toeing the line between bitter and sweet. Majuni is as complicated as life itself: bitter and sweet at the same time – but always harmonious.

Perfection did not come easy. Using a copper alembic, the Master Distiller painstakingly worked to distil the Greek countryside into a premium botanical blend spirit 22% alc/vol, concocting an authentic Greek botanic drink that is remarkable in quality and flavor. Making Majuni requires a selection of more than 15 natural ingredients – including thyme, sage, wormwood, juniper, ginger, licorice and angelica root – gathered from every corner of Greece. The Master Distiller proceeds to infuse selected botanicals in neutral grain alcohol of agricultural origin. After a few days, faithfully following the secret recipe, he places defined quantities of botanical elements within a discontinuous copper alembic for them to distil using clear, neutral spirit. It takes rare precision for the fine, aromatic distillate to emerge, to then be blended again and again with infusions of botanical solids. They will also bestow upon it a bright color, the result of a process that is 100% natural. Finally, Majuni will be left to age in the dark, and mature into its true, magical character.

It can be enjoyed neat, on ice or in inventive cocktails, constantly challenging bartenders – those modern alchemists of the night – to release its enchanting character. It pairs beautifully with cola, tonic and other mixers, for refreshing long drinks; it breathes new life into old favorites; it inspires creative new twists, adding depth with its rich, botanical flavor to so many drinks – even to coffee.

22% vol. alcohol

The producer

Mantis Greek Spirits Collection Seeking to promote the charm and wealth of the Greek land, we have created the Greek Spirits Collection, a selection of four Greek spirits. Our vision is to claim a place for them at food and drink venues – as well as in the hearts of bartenders and consumers alike; to create a culture that extends beyond our borders and becomes a global platform for the values of Greek spirits.

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