Organic Sundried figs of Kymi by Askada 225gr

Kymi PGI Figs from a certified organic fig orchard in Kymi, Evia, sun-dried. It is a superfood as it is an excellent source of minerals and antioxidants
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Organic Sundried figs of Kymi by Askada

The organic dried figs from Kymi PGI, carefully selected one by one, are produced using the traditional processing method found only in Kymi, Evia, in a certified organic fig orchard. This is done to preserve their sweetness, juicy texture, and nutritional elements.

Exceptionally thin-skinned and delicious, they make the perfect snack for both young and old at any time of the day.

They are a nutritious and healthy treat with beneficial effects on health as they are rich in calcium and dietary fiber.

Enjoy them on their own or finely chop them for salads, ice cream, yogurt, energy bars, or wherever else you desire!

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