Organic Fig Spread by Askada 250gr

If you're a fan of the authentic taste of figs, then this organic fig spread will delight your taste buds! Made from just three ingredients, with over 80% of its composition sourced from the exceptional dried figs of Kymi P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin)
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Organic Fig Spread by Askada

This exceptional organic fig spread offers a unique gastronomic experience!
The sweet aroma and fruity taste originate from certified organic figs of high quality, designated as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), providing a rich and authentic flavor.
It's not just delicious, but also provides the necessary energy the body needs, as over 80% of its composition comes from figs harvested from our certified organic fig orchard. This ensures the authentic taste and high nutritional value.
Usage: Ideal for a refreshing start to the day and as a sweet dessert after a meal.

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