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METAXA Private Reserve Premium Greek Brandy 700ml

METAXA Private Reserve is the premium edition of Metaxa Spirit, produced in one single batch every year when all of its blends are at their highest expression. A unique drinking experience that will take over your senses.
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METAXA Private Reserve Premium Greek Brandy

METAXA Private Reserve Premium Greek Brandy is the top quality Metaxa spirit made from aged Muscat wines with special and carefully selected characteristics in order to provide an one of a kind result. 

A single blend of METAXA Private Reserve is produced each year since 1992, and at that particular time, blends that are at the ultimate peak of their expression are selected. METAXA Private Reserve stands out for its bright amber color and its rich and complex aromas that reveal the delicate and elaborate process of its creation.

At first, aromas of dry apricot, prune and honey unfold in the nose. Hints of citrus fruits, chocolate, coffee and sweet spices are gradually revealed. Its complex flavor is warm and intense with notes of black raisins, caramel and a mix of peppers. The rewarding long aftertaste brings flavors of dried fruits and sweet spices on the palate.

Enjoy METAXA Private Reserve Premium Greek Brandy neat or add some ice in order to enjoy and discover every single pleasure that this extraordinary spirit has to offer.


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