Carob syrup for osteoporosis

Carob syrup for osteoporosis

Our happy customers either from Greece or abroad often buy Carob syrup as a great source of calcium to naturally fight osteoporosis, arthritis and other illnesses caused by calcium deficiency.

The No1 Carob syrup our customers choose to naturally treat osteoporosis is Raw Carob Syrup which, due to a modern and mild process of carobs, maintains calcium and all its health benefits at the highest level.

When, for the first time in 2015, we received an order from Mrs Elena from Athens for quite a few bottles of Organic carob syrup, we were intrigued and asked her what she's using it for; to our surprise, she told us that every day she takes one or two spoonfuls of carob syrup because she was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  She started taking it as a natural dietary supplement, because she knew that carob is very rich in calcium and, due to the lack of oxalates, is easily absorbed by the body and helps patients with osteoporosis. Mrs Elena admitted that, after a year of daily use of Organic Carob Syrup, her latest tests had shown spectacular improvement on her calcium levels.

Amazed by her story, ever since we started researching many articles and studies about carob's health benefits and especially carob syrup. We discovered the important role carob can play in our wellbeing. There is a big selection of carob products to add to our diets and improve our wellbeing.

We gathered some useful information about carob and its nutritional and therapeutic value which you can read in the following article

CAROB: Nutritional Value and Health benefits offers certified Organic Carob Syrup and Raw Organic Carob Syrup made with the best Cretan carobs. You can buy just one bottle to try it or, for daily use, you can get a bundle of 6 or 12 bottles of the carob syrup you prefer.

For those who already have introduced carob in their diets, in they can find a great selection of the best Cretan carob products such as carob coffee, carob tea, carob flour, carob powder, pasta, rusks, marmalades, biscuits and carob bars.



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