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Carob syrup for osteoporosis

Mrs Elena from Athens ordered quite a few bottles of carob syrup and to our surprise she told us that she usually orders even more! We asked her whether she replaces regular sugar with carob syrup for baking.

She answered that every day she drinks one spoonful of carob syrup because she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Carob is very high in calcium, which is easily absorbed by the body and helps in the fight against osteoporosis. After a year of daily use, her recent exams were perfect.

Following her testimonial, we researched many articles and studies about the many therapeutic benefits of carob for the human health. It is a forgotten gem-food, part of the ancient Mediterranean Diet, which is coming again in the spotlight.

We gathered some useful information about carob products nutritional and therapeutic value which you can read in the following article

CAROB: Nutritional Value and Health benefits

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