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Whole Carob Organic Creta Carob 500gr

Organic whole Carob is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and contains Vitamins A, B, B2, B3 and D.
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Creta Carob


Whole carob

Whole organic carobs are natural carobs harvested from carob trees and then slightly roasted to be preserved and consumed in any season.

Organic carobs are a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and contain Vitamins A, B, B2, B3 and D.

Each pod can be consumed raw as a chocolate substitute and can be used in cooking as a side dish for beef and pork dishes.

Whole carob is naturally sweet and gluten free.

Attention: Do not consume the seeds!

My tip:

If you are not familiar with carob and want to know its flavor and aroma then I recommend:

  • At first buy carob rusks and try them as a snack or instead of bread.
  • If you are into cooking and confectionery then try using carob flour or carob powder to make your own biscuits, bread or other sweet creations.
  • For health issues we recommend carob honey, which is very beneficial and especially for osteoporosis.
  • Last but not least carob coffee and carob tea are very good alternatives to the traditional coffee and tea for those who follow an alternative diet or a homeopathy treatment.


The producer

Creta Carob

Creta Carob was established in 2006 and started its operations in 2011. It is a family company that main focus is the production of different biological products from the Carob Pods. Creta Carob is located in Crete Island in a little village called Argyroupoli. During our production process we combine ancient procedures with new technologies. Our final products correspond to the regulations of the E.U. and received the bio qualification in Greece and in the E.U. from DIO.

In Crete, the carob trees thrive in difficult soils and like arid conditions that are naturally free of fungus and pests. Thus, the uses of chemical sprays are not necessary on Crete Island. The tree grows 15 m in 50 years. It does not bear fruit for the first 15 years. However, once fruiting, it will yield one ton of beans in one harvest. Carob pods are harvested in the middle of September. The growing carob pods look like green broad beans but they turn to a dark glossy brown as they age. Each pod can contain up to 15 seeds.

Carob has a long history in human consumption. The Greek Theophrastus recorded in 4BC that his fellow Greeks called the carob the Egyptian Fig. There is also evidence that Ancient Egyptians used carob. Both the pods and seeds have been found in Egyptian Tombs. Further, the Romans ate the Carob pods when they were green and fresh for their natural sweetness. Thus, Carob is no newly discovered food. As the founder of Creta Carob, Elias Manousakas states "It is the lost treasure of Crete''.
Cretan Carob

Carob is up to 8% protein. It contains Vitamins A, B, B2, B3 and D. It is high in Calcium, phosphorus, pottasium, Magnesium and contains Iron Manganese, Barium, Copper and Nickel.

My Tip

Το σχόλιο της Κλειώς:

Έχετε φάει ποτέ χαρούπι; Όταν είναι γινομένα είναι πολύ σκούρα καφέ, πολύ σκληρά εξωτερικά και μοιάζουν με τα πράσινα πλατιά φασολάκια. Εσωτερικά όμως έχουν μία σάρκα πολύ αρωματική και γλυκιά. Έχουν και κάτι σποράκια σαν σπόρους φασολιάς που όμως δεν τρώγονται.

Όταν ήμουν μικρή θυμάμαι αρκετές φορές τον πατέρα μου να μου δείχνει που είχαμε τις χαρουπιές μας.

Ένας καλός θείος εκείνα τα χρόνια στο χωριό, είχε δικό του χοιροστάσιο. Κάθε τέλος καλοκαιριού μάζευε τα χαρούπια από όλες τις χαρουπιές των συγγενών για να ταΐζει τα γουρούνια. Ο πατέρας μου, έλεγε:

"τα γουρούνια ξέρουν και τρώνε τις νοστιμιές ενώ εμείς έχουμε ξεχάσει τελείως αυτή την τροφή. Κι όμως λίγα χρόνια πριν, στην κατοχή, οι κάτοικοι της Κρήτης θρέφονταν με τα ταπεινά χαρούπια, και δεν πείνασαν!"

Μετά έκοβε ένα χαρούπι από το δέντρο το έσπαγε στη μέση και μου έδινε να ρουφήξω τη γλύκα του. Έτσι μου έγινε συνήθεια όταν βρεθώ κάτω από μία χαρουπιά να κόβω 1-2 χαρούπια και να τα μασουλώ ελαφρά, ρουφώντας τη "γλύκα" τους.

Τα τελευταία χρόνια με χαροποιεί ιδαίτερα να βλέπω τόσο αξιόλογες προσπάθειες στην εκμετάλευση της παραγωγής χαρουπιών και στην ανάπτυξη ξεχωριστών και υγειινών τροφίμων και άλλων προϊόντων με βάση το χαρούπι.