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Aged Tsikoudia GOLDEN KEDRIA 500ml 0,5L

The traditional Cretan Tsikoudia from Chania, now in a unique aged version. KENTRIA distillery managed to create a special version of tsikoudia similar to aged whisky.
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Kendria Cretan drinks


Aged Tsikoudia GOLDEN KEDRIA 500ml

The golden shades of this traditional Aged Tsikoudia Golden Kedria, its rich aroma and its unique flavor make it a very special spirit.

Aged Tsikoudia Golden Kedria is an excellent aged distillate made with care by Kotzamichalis family in Chania Crete. Using local grape varieties they follow traditional family recipies to produce fine tsikoudia spirits of all kinds. This distillate is one of their best products. The Aged Tsikoudia Golden Kedria is placed in an elegant box, ideal to be offered as a gift.

Tsikoudia is the traditional spirit that you can find in every household in Crete. It's usually offered to welcome guests, served before a meal accompanying starters or after dinner, as an aperitif, with fruit or desert.

*Enjoy Tsikoudia responsibly. Do not drink and drive.












The producer

Kendria Cretan drinks

The Kotzamichalis family is been in the home distillery business for many years. Their authentic flavored raki family recipes always impressed their friends and guests and became the motivating factor for establishing a production unit.  In 2014, the Kotzamichalis family dream came true and KENDRIA Cretan Tsikoudia infused with the islands authentic flora was a reality.

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