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Zore Zalo Premium Tsikoudia Raki 0,7L

Zore Zalo Tsikoudia Raki is a premium Cretan distillate characterized by its purity and full body. Made from grape marcs of organic cultivation, it goes through 4 distillations to achieve this exceptional and harmonious result.
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Zore Zalo Premium Tsikoudia Raki

Premium Cretan Tsikoudia Raki Zore Zalo is a high quality spirit, elaborately made in every step of its creation from the certified organic cultivation of the marcs, the distillation without impurities until its bottling in an elegant Italian carafe and the elegant box.

Tsikoudia Zore Zalo is made from four Cretan grape varieties, 2 red, Liatiko and Kotsifali, and 2 white, Vidiano and Thrapsathiri, all known for their fine aromas and unique taste characteristics. This premium distillate stands out for purity and full body that give a balanced substance to the alcohol in an exceptional and harmonious result.

Tsikoudia Zore Zalo is clear, pure color with fine aromas of white fruit, banana, pear and notes of rose. The body is quite soft balanced with a pleasantly sweet finish.

The name of Tsikoudia Zore Zalo is inspired by Crete and the local dialect. In the Cretan dialect "zalo" is the step, the walking step. Zore Zalo is the "difficult step" and it is an expression used mainly for the difficult steps to be taken by someone who discovers the steep slopes and wild mountains of Crete.

The taste of Zore Zalo tsikoudia also takes you to the wild beauty of the mountains of Crete. But the most important thing is that Zore Zalo tsikoudia represents Crete itself. The flavors and aromas of the island. Its culture. The special temperament of its people. Beauty, power and tradition. A unique combination that could only be Cretan and which is enclosed in a bottle of Zore Zalo.

Tsikoudia Zore Zalo | 43% Alcohol | 0.7L

 * Worldwide shipments: Orders from countries with strict laws for alcohol such as Canada, USA and other must not exceed 2 bottles.